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MCC Centre Scarborough MASJID

Muslim Circle of Canada serves Canadian society at large through its own initiatives and as well as positive engagement with others. It inspires all people to uphold the values of justice, law, values of faith, and cooperation that are relevant to Canadian Society.

MCC offers a holistic approach to Islam within the multicultural Canadian Society. It believes in the personal development of every individual is the key to social development. MCC respects all faiths and Canadian traditions, institutions, and values. It focuses on a holistic, balanced, and involved understanding of Islam among Canadian Muslims.

Our Vision

A unit and strong Muslim community preparing leaders and volunteers contributing prosperity for all Canadians.

Our Mission

We aspire to become an Islamic Center that strengthens Muslim families’ faith and well-being and serves and educates the next generations.

video Our Values

Being compassionate, accountable, and respectful to everyone regardless of race, culture, religion, or gender is a core aspect of our religion.

Become Our Volunteer

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Youth Development

Basic faith, soft skill development for kids and youth, and professional development programs for youth.

Five times Prayer

Five times prayers on a daily basis.

Friday Prayer

Congregation prayer on every Friday.

Ramadan Prayer

Taraweeh prayer throughout the month of Ramadan with the completion of the Glorious Quran.

EID Prayer

Congregation prayer after the month of Ramadan.

Quran Classes

Weekly Quran Classes.

  • 20 Mar, 2023
  • By Admin


Integration of Family: Family day lecture by Dr. Zaihan Rashid in MCC Masjid


Updating Our activity

24 Mar, 2023

Weekly Tafseer

Every Friday after Asr Tafseerul quran.
Tafseer By Renown scholars

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Islamic Lecture by Musleh Faradhi
26 Aug, 2023

Islamic Lecture by Musleh Faradhi

All are invited to MCC Masjid

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Family Halaka - Uswatul Hasana
14 Oct, 2023

Family Halaka - Uswatul Hasana

We are inviting you with your family.

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